Spark Features

Help & Support

  • We are committed to giving you the best damn software you have ever used
  • We focus on constant and never ending improvement
  • We have a support team that deeply cares about helping you at every stage
  • Our Spartans rave about the support they receive from the support team

CRM (customer relationship management features)

Keep track of all of your members and prospect’s personal information

  • Name, address, parents names, mobile, home, work phone, multiple emails
  • Rank history
  • Attendance history
  • Notes and follow ups
  • Payment history
  • Email history

Keep track of all types of contacts

  • Prospects and leads
  • Members/students
  • Trial Members
  • Summer Campers
  • Vendors
  • Staff
  • Former members
  • Former prospects
  • In active members/students

Track where each contact came from (Marketing source)

Keep track of all of your member’s info.

Lead & Trials Maximizer

  • Keep track of all new prospects and trials so that follow up is easy and quick.  Prospects will never slip through the cracks again.  Maximize every opportunity to enroll new members.
  • See which prospects are new
  • See which leads need followed up today, set reminders and never forget to follow up again
  • Send emails, text messages and push notifications right from the Lead & Trial Maximizer
  • Follow our “traffic light” system to know exactly what needs to be done now, and what can wait so you can maximize your time on high return actions

Appointment Book and Scheduler

  • Easily schedule your intros, trials, private lessons and renewals.
  • Sync to your mobile phone for reminders so nothing gets overlooked
  • Assign appointments to any staff member
  • Automatically send appointment reminders the day before and the day of
  • Automatically reschedule missed appointments
  • Have your prospects schedule their first lesson or trial online using the Spark online scheduler
  • Track stats like how many showed, no showed, rescheduled.


  • Enter attendance quickly and efficiently using several methods: attendance card barcode scan, plastic membership card, class rosters, after school Check-In and checkout, self Check-In using tablet (kiosk), using our member mobile app
  • Full attendance reporting: how many classes attended during a time period, how many attendance since last belt exam, who attended a specific class.
  • MIA Maximizer – never forget to reconnect with absent members.  See who’s been missing from class and send text messages, push notifications, emails and phone calls.   All from a single easy to use dashboard.

Belt Systems and Rank Tracking

  • Keep track of unlimited styles, each member can train in multiple styles and are tracked separately
  • Set time in grade and attendance requirements for each rank level
  • Promote one member at a time, or mass promote hundreds easily
  • Get a quick report on who has what rank in any style
  • Order belts with a click of a button
  • Print rank certificates and awards
  • Print rank labels for each belt when they arrive
  • View rank history for every rank earned
  • Keep track of belt sizes
  • Print rank promotion rosters
  • Export full rank promotions to csv or excel file
  • Create ATA reports


  • Create tasks/to do items to organize the important things your staff has to accomplish
  • Assign tasks to any staff member
  • Assign tasks to be done for any contact
  • View and check off tasks right from the Spark Dashboard
  • Communicate with your team “chat style” on each task
  • Get a notification when tasks are completed
  • Set a date deadline to a task
  • Automatically create tasks via Spark Automations for new prospects, new members, after a rank promotion, after they join a specific membership, when they have been absent

Full Point of Sale / Cash Register System

  • Track Vendors and Suppliers
  • Track inventory
  • Track income from sales
  • Accept credit cards, ACH/EFT, cash, checks as form of payment
  • Use any form of payment o file for the member
  • Shared form of payments between family members
  • One click add to invoice using our “Quick List”
  • Built for speed and efficiency for busy locations
  • Track multiple sales tax
  • One click ordering from suppliers
  • Adjust inventory quickly
  • Receive inventory on shipments
  • Email a link for customers to pay online
  • Multiple installments on an invoice
  • Schedule multiple payments for a later date
  • 100% invoice based
  • Accurate reporting on items, payments and inventory by date range and income category
  • Track unpaid invoices
  • Quick and painless sales tax reporting
  • Reporting on items sold
  • End of the day reconcile report
  • Inventory reorder report
  • On hand inventory report
  • USB Credit Card Swiper compatible

Communication Tools

  • Send mass emails to specific groups of contacts
  • Create a newsletter format email campaign
  • Multiple attachments to emails
  • Add social media links and your logos
  • Stress free unsubscribe management
  • One click email send from member profile, MIA Maximizer, Lead & Trial Maximizer
  • Send mass SMS text message campaigns to specific groups of contacts
  • Full Emoji support in sms messages
  • Support for SMS replies from your contacts
  • SMS keywords for gathering leads and starting full automations
  • SMS bot capabilities
  • Push notifications to users of Spark’s member app for iOS and Android
  • Schedule campaigns to send in the future
  • Create full drip campaigns
  • View history of every email, sms and push notification sent, who they were sent to, if they opened or clicked links

Online Sales / Checkout Pages / Order Forms

  • Quickly sell memberships, events, merchandise online
  • Great for selling trial memberships, or full memberships, your contact makes a purchase and Spark sets up the membership including the payment schedule
  • Store payment method to the contact’s profile for use in membership installments or point of sale transactions
  • Fully brand the Checkout Page’s color scheme, images, logos, background to match your brand
  • Facebook Pixel or Google analytics for page view and for purchase made
  • Free events rsvp
  • Thumbnail view of every Checkout Page
  • Sell unlimited items
  • Allow to purchase multiple quantities of each item, with scaled pricing tiers
  • Offer color and size options for each item
  • Add required items such as registration fees
  • Add administrative fees
  • Add video
  • Add capacity limits to each item
  • Add discount coupon codes
  • Start an automation based on the item purchase
  • Embed google maps
  • Embed Facebook ratings
  • Add terms and conditions and waivers
  • Add sales tax
  • Redirect to any website after purchase
  • Redirect to an online scheduler to book first class on trial membership sales
  • Offer limited quantities
  • Offer limited time availability for sales that expire on a specific date
  • Add a money back guarantee image to promote trust
  • Accept credit cards and PayPal
  • Only choose the fields you need, hide fields that are not required to create lesser barrier of purchase
  • Choose which Checkout Pages you want to use in the Spark Member App for iOS and Android so contacts can buy from the app.  Memberships, events and merchandise
  • Use Checkout Pages from your website, Facebook posts and ads, emails and text message campaigns

Spark Page Builder – Sales Funnels and Landing Pages

  • Create web site pages using our drag and drop wysiwyg editor
  • Create landing pages for Facebook ads
  • Create digital flyers for events like seminars, tournaments, parents night out
  • Create a page to gather leads for specific programs
  • Tie in a Spark Checkout Page to make the sale


  • Create full automations in Spark to help you eliminate repetitive tasks so you can focus on other areas of your business
  • Send nurturing email and sms campaigns to prospects to build trust and inspire them to join your programs
  • Send happy birthday messages, and promote your birthday parties in advance
  • Send “We miss you” emails and sms messages to missing in action members
  • Send class surveys to members after they take class to see how their experience was and build online social reviews from members who are raving fans
  • Send a campaign to members that are expiring soon to help with an easier renewal
  • Educate trial members on the benefits of long term training at your location
  • Send a campaign to new members for on boarding

Automation Triggers

  • When a tag is assigned to a contact, whether by another automation, manually adding the tag, when tagged from a purchase, or from an opt-in form.
  • When they become a prospect, or a member, an inactive member or a former member
  • Based on their birthday.  Either before, after or on their birthday
  • Based on when they last attended
  • Based on when they start attending
  • Based on when they start a new membership, trial or longer term
  • Based on when they earn a rank
  • Based on when a membership expires
  • Based on a date in the future

Automation Actions

  • Send an email
  • Send an SMS Text message
  • Send a push notification to Android and Apple iOS devices
  • Create a reminder
  • Create a to do item
  • Add a new tag
  • Remove an existing tag
  • Change their contact type
  • Change their prospect phase
  • Flag them
  • Post to a web-hook

Automated Tuition Billing

  • Save money on fees by letting Spark collect your tuition payments
  • Tuition is collected by Spark and in your bank account typically the next day.
  • Late fees can be added
  • Full trucking of how much was collected, who paid, who is late.
  • All declines are automatically retried a few days later, they are also sent a notification of the decline with a link to update their payment info themselves.  Upon updating their payment info, we collect the past due balance.
  • You remain 100% in control of when your members are billed.   Need to cancel tomorrow’s tuition payment? You are in control.   Need to cancel a membership without cancellation penalty?  Or move a payment due date?  Just go to your member’s profile and make the adjustments in real time.
  • Mass send update credit card links for your members to keep payment info up to date.

Membership Agreements

  • Full digital agreements / go paperless / send them via email / SMS to be signed
  • Print merged agreements to sign
  • Auto-Renewing memberships
  • Automatically retry any failed payments every few days, auto-send email link to pay online and update payment methods
  • Term memberships or ongoing memberships
  • Add as many memberships to each contact
  • Family shares membership and billing
  • EFT / Credit Card Auto-billing
  • Primary and Backup Payment Methods
  • Class Credit / Punchcard Memberships
  • Auto charge late fees
  • Always know who is past due at any moment
  • Mass update credit card or EFT payment methods by sending an email (student updates it themselves from home)

Settings: Customize Spark to make it work the way you and your team do

  • Over 150 settings you can change to make Spark unique to your business system
  • Call them students or members…  or something else?   Just set it like you want.
  • Add custom data fields to hold information important to you.

Connect Spark directly to your website

  • We can connect to any website from simple html sites to WordPress based websites to collect leads and opt-ins automatically into Spark.
  • We can also connect to Market Muscle, 97Display, FCOM, WebsiteDojo, MAST and any other professional website companies.

Project Management

  • Create a set of related tasks in our Project Maximizer

Spark University – Online Learning Platform

  • Spark University is an online learning platform that you can use to create curriculum courses for your members to view online or by using the Spark Member App for iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Create an unlimited amount of courses, lessons and modules
  • Use video, audio, images, downloadable files and text to teach.
  • Members can have access to all of your courses or just the curriculum you have granted access to.
  • Automatically add access to new courses as they earn new rank by using automations.
  • Courses can be free, or charge for access using Spark Checkout Pages
  • Allow for a free trial of the course before requiring payment
  • Drip your lesson contents by setting a specific date or by dripping access every few days or weeks.

Spark Member App

  • The Spark Member App is an iOS or Android app for your students/members to use to interact with your business.
  • Send push notifications for events, sales and announcements for free
  • Add upcoming events with details
  • Sell memberships, events, belt tests, merchandise
  • Spark University courses for curriculum using video, audio, images and written text
  • Communicate with built in chat
  • Show your business location contact info like phone, websites, map and directions, email, Facebook pages
  • Allow your members to Check-In to the Spark attendance module
  • Allow your members to see past payment history, attendance history, rank history
  • Have your students/members refer their friends and family members
  • Have your members rate their last class
  • Give direct access to your happiest members to rate you on yelp, Facebook and google easily.
  • Add your class times and schedule for convenient access on the go

Forms and Surveys

  • Gather information from your prospects and members by creating an online form right in Spark.   Collect dat, print, save it to their profile.
  • Create liability waivers and intake forms for new contacts
  • 12 different form input types from text boxes, multiple choice, likert boxes, and much more.
  • Collect digital signatures

Go Paperless

  • Built in supports for digital waivers, liability waivers and permission slips
  • Sign legal binding membership agreements or contracts
  • Save all to their profile, no need to print on paper, until needed
  • Sign on a tablet, or email to the contact to sign at their home


  • Spark Reports are clear and accurate.
  • View past financial data, compare it to any other time period
  • Multiple Sales Tax (not just one sales tax)
  • Financial Transactions
  • Financial Transactions by income category
  • Financial Forecast Report
  • Statistics
  • Charts
  • Billing Company Reports
  • Staff activity logs
  • Time Slips / Employee hours
  • Point of Sale: Orders to Place
  • Point of Sale: Inventory Reorder Report
  • Point of Sale: on hand inventory
  • Point of Sale: Items Sold
  • Memberships Sold
  • Memberships Cancelled
  • Missing Info Report
  • Marketing Sources
  • Attendance Reports
  • Attendance Report: Who hasn’t attended
  • Who’s on Vacation
  • Credit Card Search

After School / Summer Camp Features

  • Keep track of checking and checkouts
  • Checkout pages to easily sell summer camp weeks
  • Have a list of authorized persons for pick up
  • Automatic notifications to family when picked up and released
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